Freehold Borough Police Department

T  h  e    H  I  g  h  e  s  t     L  e  v  e  l    o  f    S  e  r  v  I  c  e

36 Jackson Street, Freehold, New Jersey 07728    Emergency - 9-1-1    T - (732) 462-1233    F - (732) 577-8308

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Emergency 9-1-1

Tel - (732) 462-1233

Fax - (732) 577-8308

36 Jackson Street
Freehold, NJ 07728

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The men and women of the Freehold Borough Police Department encourage feedback from the citizens we serve.  It allows us to see where we excel and where can improve. 

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Tip Line
(732) 431-0420
Freehold Borough Police Tip Line (732) 431-0420



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Freehold Borough  Police Department
36 Jackson Street, Freehold, NJ 07728

Emergency  9-1-1  Non-Emergency  (732) 462-1233  Fax  (732) 577-8308

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